Notes from Nowhere

miðvikudagur, nóvember 22, 2006

the fluid electric

One more dimension -
into a wonderground,
through a hatch in the bridge
the long red carpet.
An unkept secret,
I walk, past a dozen brick arches
built for a team of giants.
And here found humanity,
where once orphans survived,
in the damp and the dark
under clattering carriages
of the early commuters
and away from explosions.
now, the cracking percussion
and invention of utilities
is fused with futures
in the confected sounds
of intelligence, abstracted
- we sit in the theatre,
full of joy, and awed
by the sublime articulation
of the fluid, electric.

written in response to 'not-applicable' collective, shunt arches, london bridge 10/11/2006


At 8:48 e.h., Blogger RockyRaccoon said...

hooooly shit. that poem is good.

At 11:14 e.h., Blogger Anonymous said...

thanks meg..
lovely to have you back!


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