Notes from Nowhere

mánudagur, mars 27, 2006

The curve in the question mark

Sure I miss smiling with you,
the way your lips make the shape your soul adapts when it flies;
yes, I miss your kiss, that secret of flight where for a moment we might find ourselves, together above some day clouds;
of course I miss our conversations, where the ground would hold us up as statues or as great buildings, where we were the capital city, the workings of the heart, the ancients;
and yes I miss the love, the tender and playful adventures in the snow, finding underground temples, sitting naked round a circle of coals and the great endless exploration of landscapes.

I built a hut in the wilderness and these were our walls.
Walls crumble,
birds fly,
feathers fall.

And earth finds the Earth,
and water the Ocean,
and while one bird is flying by day,
another flying by night,
walls remain
and we are birds now.

We are that Earth and Ocean,
and whether we meet at dawn or dusk
or whether we inhabit great hemispheres known only to ourselves,

This is the balancing point;
the truth of the spheres;
what we mean when we say 'freedom'.
This is the end of the line,
and what comes after.
This is the flow of electrical charge;
magic, and contrary:
the curve of the question mark,
the dot,
the space between.
This is a sentence,
a list, a statement,
a declaration,
a manifesto.
This is the thin grey line that holds open the universe;
The star burning,
the centre;
The hydrogen atom.
This is magnitude,
action and language,
being, doing;
This is both, and neither.


At 4:48 f.h., Blogger Suze said...

Is there really such a thing as anonymity? Maybe I wouldn't recognise you in the street, or feel your voice reverberate in my mind recalling your name when I pick up the phone, but you resonate in my soul through your dancing words true.

At 3:14 e.h., Blogger Anonymous said...

Thank you for your lovely comments.
' On Anonymity' below has some thoughts - but basically its just a cloak which allows me to write easier..

I've been considering just taking the cloak off, but now it seems that paradoxically Anonymity has become part of my identity - so I can't!!

Anyway, your latter comments confirm to me the deeper currents that motivate me - resonance and communnication beyond identity.
So thank you.


At 7:00 f.h., Blogger Suze said...

beyond identity..yes we all want to escape the pigeonholing that occurs: tall/ugly/sporty/smart/sensitive/jealous etc..yet we somehow manage to igeonhole ourselves in the process and suddenly you aren't anonymous but 'anonymous'. Crazy!!

and despite my awareness of this I will pigeonhole you as deliciously scrumptious. The anonymity side is a weird little sideline that doesn't interest me at all, because when you write like you write, how can you possibly remain unknown? That's just silly semantics.


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