Notes from Nowhere

föstudagur, nóvember 17, 2006


Today may have broken the dam - I started recording my best song
(rather than the most obscure, the shortest, the oldest or the most
recent), and for the first time in ages, played some bass, which I
did for a living for seven years but have more recently kept at arms
length. Its a part of how I am, but I don't want to be stuck with it.

The song in question has the same title as this post, and it is about
the feeling (most often felt on top of a mountain) that even though
and in fact because you are completely alone, you are completely
with everyone - in an essential human way.
Through solitude comes humanity.

I can't mention the song without mentioning Bob, my Up friend. Here's
what I wrote about him before, and I think its still true. He's off
on his own on Sunday, for six nights in fact.

One reason that I haven't written posts for a long while is that I am
more fluent in the medium of song than prose/ poetry. And that my
temperament is such that I tend to do lots and lots of things, rather
than one thing really well. And of course (please let me know of any
good opposites to this), the people who have most inspired me have
been really good at at least one thing. So I have been trying to
focus my energies on songwriting, and that means recording all the
songs I've written that would otherwise die with me, and writing
songs when in the inspired states that I have sometimes channelled
into this collection of writings.

Sometime you can hear some music. But not till its ready!


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