Notes from Nowhere

sunnudagur, maí 21, 2006

Entr'acte italic

A cathedral/ in German, 'Dome'/ Pallestrina/ Angels, Genii Loci/
thirty men and women, in bear masks/ naked/ cameras form a semi circle/ inside the police line/ 'do not cross'/ so I cross
Lithe silver bridge/ driving rain/ umbrella ballet/
A ramp connects/ a small family chase/ shrieking, laughing/ me laughing, too
a girl found a 'seat' in a girder/ so could we all/ angels ranged about
The hall is the museum/ no painting, no collection/ could articulate/ this/
and I'm left, overwhelmed, small/ wondering if this obsession/ with spaces and empty form/ is such a good idea
I shop for my sister/ find a tiny catalogue/ of Japanese textiles for her/ & force myself to a show/ can't navigate this heroic remix
after Man Ray's iron/ with nails coming out/ find a little cinema/ at last, the dark/ Entr'acte/ apposite intermission/ this is what the huge hall lacks/ intimacy/ the problem of Mies/ Plato's viewers/ 'd have been blinded in the light/ my eyes relax, but not my ears/
yes, a quiet dark space to be still/ amidst the busy city/ I arrive, only to leave
I heard a song/ that made me cry


At 8:28 e.h., Blogger RockyRaccoon said...

where are you?

At 5:40 e.h., Anonymous Nafnlaus said...

no offence, but this is the most pretentious thing i have ever read in my life, ever.


At 5:59 e.h., Blogger Anonymous said...

none taken Verity.

I am not however pretending to be anything other than I am, and I am not writing for your approval either. I'm glad thought that the writing moved you enough to comment though!

Do you also write? Are we allowed to read your own efforts?

Best regards

At 6:01 e.h., Blogger Anonymous said...

Dear Meg, apologies for my long silence. I am still checking your blog - though your feed still doesn't work..

I am focused on other projects at the moment and also considering whether anonymity is still so necessary for me.

Keep writing!


At 9:01 e.h., Blogger Identity Crisis said...

Are you gone forever? I like your photos.

At 11:57 f.h., Blogger Olivia said...

Write some more sodding posts or I'm taking your link away.


At 3:37 e.h., Anonymous Nafnlaus said...

You disgust me with your vile solipsism


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