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fimmtudagur, nóvember 16, 2006



I have moved, and I have changed;
and I am coming out of my shell.

So this space is no longer called anonblog.
Now it is called Atopia.

And I don't know whether I will ever write to it or not,
and I don't know what I will write to it either..

It might become a 'what I did today' space.

Anyway, please let me introduce myself,
My name is Tom.
And I am the President of Atopia.



At 6:58 e.h., Anonymous Nafnlaus said...

Hello Tom.

Do you mind if I link to you again?


At 1:52 f.h., Blogger Anonymous said...

Hi Jade,

nice to meet you properly at last!
Sure, that'd be great..
I am going to get a more memorable domain son and maybe change the blogspot address and feed though, but I'll make sure everyone knows.

It was fun seeing your youtube vid - you're actually a real person!
(Not that I supposse that comes as much of a surprise to you..)

Good morning!


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