Notes from Nowhere

miðvikudagur, mars 29, 2006

Blood, disappearance

My world was green,
and bleak like the mountains;
you brought the blood back
Your dress was white,
your heart a-throbbing;
I brought the light in.
I wanted to love you,
there in the morning
you wanted the sun rise.
You wanted August,
with ripe fruit and long days;
I owned only winter.
Had August engulfed us,
I feared for my harbour,
I feared for the stars we pretended I pocketed.
And fears can hold substance, as subsequence illustrates;
my boat now holds water, and rocks, loose in the ebbing day.
Let me say just this,
in cold ones and zeros
to your stained face, your long artful fingers:
I'd shower you now,
with red juice, and white heat;
I'd bathe you in paradigms, so young and trembling,
and embrace all the goodness I know in your deepnesses:
I'd hold my face skywards, and make like an aeroplane,
and hold those warm fingers in a grip so fucking palpable.
If I thought I was up to it, if I thought I could hold you,
if I thought I could give you the good things you wanted;
If I thought we could milk the sweet milk of the evening,
or bandage your wounds with appropriate medicine.
I cut you, I know it,
I only say 'never',
and ever remorse will be my fresh harbour,
will welcome me home like some alien lover,
whose arms are half frozen and blind like material.
I know that you found me and I had my back to you.
I know that I wanted to meet in the garden,
and that I dragged you to unholy places,
and left you like carrion for some feasting predator.
I ask you this, nothing, but please let me give to you
The stars that I pocketed, the fruits of the morning
Hold out your hand and feel the arrival
of honours and flowers of such awful majesty.
Let it be known that this disappearance
is cancelled, it's over, the night is now ending,
and silence floods out through the speaking of bleeding;
and now I would call you as this night comes colder.



At 11:26 e.h., Blogger Suze said...

Your words transport me to places, times, long forgotten and just now keenly awakened. I can smell the white heat, feel your Winter, remembering the black hole inside of me that drove me, trying to hide, desperately scared of being seen. It seems an equator away now, mostly, but every now and then I catch that girl in my perepheral vision. Thanks.

At 2:56 e.h., Blogger Jade said...

Oh wow...another gorgeous writer...this blogging business is in severe danger of become a wild love-in...

At 5:35 e.h., Blogger Anonymous said...

Thank you both.

At 4:16 e.h., Blogger RockyRaccoon said...

this made me weep endlessly. i will now go write. it takes a wonderful beauty to inspire me, this is so good.


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