Notes from Nowhere

mánudagur, maí 15, 2006

a list of recent nowheres

A young girl's bed, right now;
The latest world cup video game,
By the sea,
A rooftop - the moon and skyscrapers,
Family history.
A golf course by the river,
Through a wire railing,
over a bridge crossing.
Driving out to desolation beach,
Naming what had washed up,
Or had been left there.
The nowheres of memory,
And of projected futures.
Griefs abounding,
I am homeless
My home is lessnesslessnessless
I stay in the attic
Above the office
-- artists, healers below
Advertising and retail -
With the speed of electrons
I elope from pretty cages
And with the forces of gravity and magnetism
I smash through your jawbone.
Adorning your cranium,
Your crowning glory,
Your straight hair is sacred
to me,
Your neck, your fingers
The history of concrete
Forgotten heroes
Fallen, still fallible


At 6:29 e.h., Blogger RockyRaccoon said...

oh wow,
i love this. i love this. i love this soo much. your words are amazing.

At 5:54 e.h., Anonymous Nafnlaus said...

i hate to be the one to bring this up, but either you're on drugs or everyone else apart from you is, myself included.

actually, i am on drugs but that's hardly the point.


At 6:10 e.h., Blogger Anonymous said...

Maybe its the latter then?
I don't know where I can get any.


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