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föstudagur, apríl 14, 2006

The joy of being beaten

Even amongst the dearest of friends, nothing feels quite as humiliating as being beaten by my own blind spots and weakness. Were that I might have bypassed them, given them over to god. But there they are, the trip wire, invisible in the undergrowth, and there's the bloody nose, the scuffed boots. There's my pride, beyond catching now, floating down the river.

No, weaknesses do not dissappear, but like rocks in the river the secret is to know they're there and take the wider path. The bloody nose and the scuffed boots come when you forget you rode these rapids once before, and sailed them all the way on down to the sea.


At 7:02 e.h., Blogger Suze said...

Oh sweetie, that sounds rough. and stuff of great Shakepearean tragedy. From across the oceans I am dabbing dettol on cotton wool and cleaning you up. :-)

At 2:21 f.h., Blogger Jade said...

I like the sea...and sometimes if you can ride the rapids again and again they become beautiful, wild moments that are always diiferent even if you think they're the same stretch of rocks and water...How can they be? Water is too powerful and changing to let that happen...and then the sea rears up and you become a little naked animal swimming around in the vastness again...good stuff I reckon!

At 4:28 e.h., Blogger Anonymous said...

I wouldn't have it any other way.

The joy is the humiliation; the humiliation the joy. Not from a sense of masochism, but from the liberation in that moment where my idea of my-self, all controlled and safe. drops away and I'm left, as you so rightly say, naked.

It's rough but I'm ready.

At 12:15 f.h., Blogger Jade said...

Very rough...crazy water! Look at Clare...jumping anyway, folowing her I want these rapids to make an entrance into my life...

At 8:28 e.h., Blogger RockyRaccoon said...

oh hey!
heres ur blog, for some reason it asnt showing up.
its lovely,
thanks for the comment

At 8:39 e.h., Blogger Suze said...

Where are you?? haven't heard from you for ages. Where are your poems I so look forward to?

At 8:39 e.h., Blogger RockyRaccoon said...

oh anon i thirst for more words!!
write of love and loss and beauty and sex and death and wonder!!

At 9:42 e.h., Blogger Suze said...

every now and then I come across great blogs and then realise that the last post was in 2004 or something like that, and I wonder what happened. Now I'm wondering if that's what's going to become of anon.


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