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miðvikudagur, maí 30, 2007


Avocado, watercress, spheres, feta, king prawns; served on romaine hearts. Mmm.

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At 4:39 f.h., Blogger Clare said...

A rare architectural feast.

Those spheres look like tomatoes to me.

Sphere is such an excellent word, I think it is a word that one should actually spit out with ones food across the dinner table, rather than simply speaking it.
'S-PH-e-e-re- e! OOps, let me clean the broccoli from your jumper'


At 7:24 f.h., Blogger Anonymous said...

Eagle-eyed, Clare!
Tomatoes indeed, but also black olives and grapes!
Yes, the sound of words is important, isn't it. More words that make sounds please..

At 2:28 f.h., Blogger Olivia said...

So when's my dinner invitation again, Tommy Tiger?


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