Notes from Nowhere

mánudagur, ágúst 24, 2009


I think perhaps going is love. Arriving is something else.

And what better for the polar explorer when he arrives home than
someone else's heart to understand. Trudging alone toward another pole
of inaccessibility.

Atopia/anonblog has long been concerned with Nowhere, and perhaps that
reflects a childhood in suburbia. Suburbia is he ultimate Nowhere, the
one where more and more of us live.

I have come to an eastern new town to see love and I am sitting on the
green outside her house. It is as quiet as a retreat here.

Apart from the occasional car stereo. But the sounds from them too
end, and again it is quiet.

Where have I been, I hear you cry, my imaginary reader. Where has he
been for the last two or three years. Did he not think to keep us
informed of his movements?

Truth is, I think I've been trying to get Somewhere, and so I have had
nothing to write for you. The last time I did, I believe I said 'I
haven't been Nowhere in ages'. Well, recently I have been back there
and am going there again, and it actually makes me happier. The
trouble is knowing how to stay in touch with it (inspiration?) when
the demands of the day to day world are pressing. And likewise, when
that huge Nowhere/Everywhere that is The Internet impedes continually
upon the senses. Yes, the challenges of a modern working life.

What to invest in, that's the question. A friend who teaches a Taoist
martial art told me his teacher says 'invest in loss'. I still don't
know what it means, but they are words to live by nevertheless.

Invest in loss.


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