Notes from Nowhere

þriðjudagur, ágúst 23, 2005

This English Garden

dogs and ducks and fox and hurry!
the trees are tall, the water's warmer
you take your time and wait for an opening
it comes and you wish you had taken it

up you climbed to the top of a hill
survey the scene and slip on black ice
the waters warm and you are bleeding
we'll package you, and spring comes round

all bright and gay we sing the seasons
spend all your wishes on a bigger bible
a repertoire of words so magic
they beat the hypertext into the last century

like insects and oil and dust and sandcastles
every songbird does end its sweet song
every raven, every single crow
(was) once a blackbird, was once a songthrush

This English garden I tend towards ignorance
but a pond, and a rat, a pool and a water snake
A water feature and a gentleman
come a-walking down the terraces green

You would not know it, but they're just behind you
they saw you bleeding and ran to your rescue
Now we'll send you home in an ambulance
Bon appetit! Sleep well! Ta ta! God speed!


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